Where Would You Find Part Numbers On A Aviation Assembly Drawing?

Where are correct aircraft part numbers found?

North American part numbers are always located in the title block at the bottom right hand corner of the drawing. This is a standard placement amongst WWII manufacturers that is still widely adopted by draftsmen today.

Which drawing type would a parts catalog use?

The exploded view drawing is used in parts catalogs, assembly and maintenance manuals and other instructional material. The projection of an exploded view is usually shown from above and slightly in diagonal from the left or right side of the drawing.

What are the three types of working drawings in aviation?

Three types of pictorial drawings are used frequently by aircraft engineers and technicians: (1) perspective, (2) isometric, and ( 3 ) oblique. To show the exact size and shape of all the parts of complex objects, several views are necessary.

What type of drawing is used to fabricate a single part?

A detail drawing is a description of a single part, given in such a manner as to describe by lines, notes, and symbols the specifications as to size, shape, material, and method of manufacture that are to be used in making the part.

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What type of drawing is used most in aircraft maintenance?

Pictorial drawings are useful in showing the general appearance of an object and are used extensively with orthographic projection drawings. Pictorial drawings are used in Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMM), Structural Repair Manuals (SRM), and Illustrated Parts Catalogues (IPC).

Where can I find my DJI serial number?

Find and remove your drone’s battery. Look for a range of numbers or characters inside the battery compartment or on the tail of the drone – this is your serial number. Where to find your serial number.

Model SN prefix
Goggles 0F8
Inspire 1 V2.0 W13,W21
Inspire 2 09Y


What is the heaviest line in a drawing?

The heaviest line weight indicates the ground line cut. The next heaviest line weight “profiles the planes closest to the plane of projection” (Ching & Juroszek, 1998, p. 152). Medium line weight indicates distance from picture plane, progressively getting lighter to describe objects further from the picture plane.

What is dimensioning in drawing?

Definition Dimensioning is the process of specifying part’ s information by using of lines, number, symbols and notes. Lines to be used are always thin continuous line. 2. Symbol or abbreviation commonly found in a drawing are – “ diameter ” is represented by a symbol “   ”.

What is phantom line in drawing?

Phantom Lines: Phantom lines are thin lines used to indicate alternate position of the parts of an object, repeated detail, or the location of absent parts. Leaders: Leaders or leader lines indicate the part or area of a drawing to which a number, note, or other reference applies.

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What are the three classes of working drawings?

They may include architectural drawings, structural drawings, civil drawings, mechanical drawings, electrical drawings, and so on. Traditionally, working drawings consist of two -dimensional orthogonal projections of the building or component they are describing, such as plans, sections and elevations.

What are the types of aircraft drawings?

Types of Aircraft Drawings

  • Detail Drawing. A detail drawing is a description of a single part, describing by lines, notes, and symbols the specifications for size, shape, material, and methods of manufacture to be used in making the part.
  • Assembly Drawing.
  • Installation Drawing.
  • Sectional View Drawings.

What is Aviation drawing?

Every drawing is composed of lines. Lines mark the boundaries, edges, and intersection of surfaces. Lines are used to show dimensions and hidden surfaces and to indicate centers. Obviously, if the same kind of line is used to show all of these variations, a drawing becomes a meaningless collection of lines.

What is lay out drawing?

A design drawing or graphical statement of the overall form of a component or device, which is usually prepared during the innovative stages of a design.

Are assembly drawings dimensioned?

In assembly drawings, you can display the parameters of assembly features and all assembly components; however, you cannot show the dimensions of subassemblies. The dimensions in an assembly drawing are visible only at the assembly level.

What are the elements of production drawing?

The basic elements of production drawings include:

  • Size and shape of component.
  • Format of drawing sheet.
  • Process sheet.
  • Projection method.
  • Limits, fits, and tolerances of size, form, and position.
  • Production method.
  • Indication of surface roughness and other heat treatments.

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