What Is The Flare Angle Used In Aviation Fluid Lines And Fittings?

What flare angle is used for aircraft fluid line fittings?

General Questions for Aircraft Fluid Lines and Fittings

Question Answer
What is the flare angle for: Aircraft tubing and Automotive tubing Aircraft 37 degrees and Automotive is 45 degrees
Under what conditions are double flares recommended for aircraft tubing? For soft aluminum tubing 3/8″ diameter or smaller


What is the flare angle used in aviation hydraulic lines and fittings?

The tool used to flare tubing consists of a die that grips the tube and either a mandrel or rolling cone is forced into the end of the tube to form the flare by cold working. The most common flare fitting standards in use today are the 45° SAE flare, the 37° JIC flare, and the 37° AN flare.

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Which fitting is an an flared tube fitting?

A flared tube fitting consists of a sleeve and a nut, as shown in Figure 7-15. The nut fits over the sleeve and, when tightened, draws the sleeve and tubing flare tightly against a male fitting to form a seal. Tubing used with this type of fitting must be flared before installation.

What are the two types of flares commonly used on aircraft tubing?

Two kinds of flares are generally used in aircraft tubing: the single flare and the double flare.

When swaging the tubing should stick out the flaring block a distance that is approximately equal to?

When swaging the tubing should stick out the flaring block a distance that is approximately equal to: A distance equal to that thickness of the shoulder of the adapter [ insert. ] This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful.

What is the advantage of a double flare on aluminum tubing?

What is an advantage of a double flare on aluminum tubing? More resistant to damage when the joint is tightened. A certain amount of slack must be left in a flexible hose during installation because, when under pressure, it contracts in length and expands in diameter.

What is ISO flare?

Meaning of iso flare: A type of tubing flare connection in which a bobble-shaped end is formed on the tubing, also called a bubble flare.

What is a standard flare?

There are two basic types of flares used on OEM automotive brake systems throughout the world. The SAE/double (inverted/45degree) flare and the DIN/ISO bubble flare. The most common is the SAE flare. Typically found on all American and Asian cars, but the European style DIN flare is appearing everywhere now.

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What fitting is used to join hydraulic lines in areas where routine disconnections are not required?

Swaged fittings are used to join hydraulic lines in areas where routine disconnections are not required and are often used with titanium and corrosion-resistant steel tubing. The fittings are installed with portable hydraulically-powered tooling, which is compact enough to be used in tight spaces.

What fitting standard is used on Flareless fittings?

The most common type of flareless fitting is the MS (military standard ) fitting. These are used in high pressure hydraulic systems (where pressure is greater than 3,000 psi) in areas that will experience significant vibration and inconsistent pressure levels.

What angle is an fitting?

The U.S. Air Force, with help from Wright Patterson Air Force base, developed a fitting with 37° flare angle, before WWII, which became known as the “AN” fitting.

Do flare fittings need Teflon tape?

Flare fittings do not require any pipe dope or Teflon tape. The fitting is sealed by the compression of the flared tubing (usually a soft material – like copper) and the fitting.

What is the difference between an MS and AC fittings?

The AC (Air Corps) flared tube fittings have been replaced by the AN (Army/Navy) Standard and MS (Military Standard) fittings. Other differences between the AC and AN fittings include the sleeve design, the AC sleeve being noticeably longer than the AN sleeve of the same size.

What is the difference between a single flare and a double flare?

A double flare is one of the most common flares found on vehicles. With these flares you’re forming the end of the line twice, actually folding the lip of the single flare over. It looks similar to a single flare but it is much stronger and acceptable for the high pressure found in a brake system.

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What material are most rigid fluid lines made of in modern aircraft?


Question Answer
Of what material are most low-pressure rigid fluid lines made? 1100-1/2 hard or 3003-1/2 hard aluminum alloy tubing.
Is the size of a rigid fluid line determined by its inside or its outside diameter? By its outside diameter.


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