Readers ask: What Is Cop In Aviation?

What is ATP in aerospace?

ATP. At time or place. Technology, Aircraft, Airway.

What is MOD in aviation?

MOD. Moderately. Technology, Aircraft, Airway. Technology, Aircraft, Airway.

What is the abbreviation for flight?


Acronym Definition
FLT Flight
FLT Flat
FLT Filter
FLT Fleet


What is ATC Hoo?

A. Accepting unit/controller Air Traffic Control unit/ Air Traffic Controller next to take control of an aircraft. Note: See transferring unit/controller.

How hard is the ATP written?

The single-engine version is plenty tough to obtain, with a minimum age requirement of 23, minimum experience of 1500 hours of flying time, a tough written exam and a practical test that requires demonstrating a serious ability to fly precisely.

How do we get ATP?

In order to be eligible for an ATP certificate you must:

  1. Be of good moral character.
  2. Be 23 years old.
  3. Hold a commercial pilot certificate and an instrument rating.
  4. Pass the ATP written and practical tests, and.
  5. Meet the minimum flight hour requirements specified in FAR Part 61.

What does EOM mean in aviation?

A commonly used abbreviation meaning “Original Equipment Manufacturer”, which is the source of a particular aircraft component.

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What is EOD in aviation?

EOD is short for Explosive Ordnance Disposal. Often interchangeable with Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD), Bomb Squad, and Public Safety Bomb Disposal (PSBD), EOD has been around since the beginning of modern military conflict.

What does ARM stand for in aviation?

The arm is the horizontal distance that a part of the aircraft or a piece of equipment is located from the datum. The arm’s distance is always given or measured in inches, and, except for a location which might be exactly on the datum, it is preceded by the algebraic sign for positive (+) or negative (−).

What is the full form of FAA?

FAA — Federal Aviation Administration.

What does CTC stand for in aviation?

CTC – Chief Training Captain.

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