Quick Answer: Who Compiles A Company’s Op Specs In Aviation?

What are operations specifications?

operations specifications means the authorizations, conditions and limitations associated with the air operator certificate and subject to the conditions in the operations manual.

What are airline operations specifications?

Every Part 135 and 121 airline has an ops spec, which is essentially the blueprint that has been approved by the FAA for that airline. The details are negotiated between the airline and the principal operations inspector, or POI, the individual at the FAA who is responsible for the oversight of the airline.

What is an FAA Opspec?

OPSPEC /MSPEC A003—AIRPLANE/AIRCRAFT AUTHORIZATION. Instead, it represents the FAA’s approval of the air carrier’s use of a particular airplane in carrying out the kinds of operations that are authorized.

What is operational control in aviation?

Operational control with respect to a flight means the exercise of authority over initiating, conducting, or terminating a flight (refer to 14 CFR part 1).

What does Opspec mean?

OPSPEC as abbreviation means “Operational Specification”

Which part of the operation specifications provides information on authorizations limitations and procedures?

Section 5 Part C Operations Specifications —Airplane Terminal Instrument Procedures and Airport Authorizations and Limitations.

What is the purpose of operation specifications?

The FAA issues operations specifications to certificated operators (air carriers, repair stations, etc). It is a legal document that outlines what they are authorized to do. A manufacturer, to outline the specifications under which the product was designed to be operated, publishes operating specifications.

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Which is an example of an operational control?

Operational controls may be documented through the use of work instructions, operational procedures or manual codes. Examples of operational controls for handling, storage & disposal of Hazardous waste.

What is an operational control?

Operational control involves control over intermediate-term operations and processes but not business strategies. Operational control systems ensure that activities are consistent with established plans. Mid-level management uses operational controls for intermediate-term decisions, typically over one to two years.

Who is responsible for operational control?

In part 121 domestic and flag operations, the PIC and Aircraft Dispatcher have joint responsibility to exercise operational control of a particular flight. For part 121 supplemental operations, operational control of a particular flight is the responsibility of the PIC and the DO.

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