Quick Answer: What Does M Stand For In Aviation?

What does an stand for in aviation?

A/A – Air to Air. AA – Anti Aircraft. AA – American Airlines. AAIB – Air Accident Investigation Branch. AAL – Above Aerodrome Level.

What do the letters on a plane mean?

When you travel by airplane you usually receive a seat assignment that includes and a letter. The number tells you which row you were assigned while the letter indicates your specific seat within the row. This alphanumeric system makes it easier for you to find your assigned seats than an entirely numeric system.

What is the abbreviation for flight?


Acronym Definition
FLT Flight
FLT Flat
FLT Filter
FLT Fleet


What does NPT stand for in aviation?

The most common American styles are National Pipe Taper ( NPT ) and National Pipe Taper Fuel (NPTF). NPT threads are used in mechanical or low-pressure air or fluid applications and the use of sealant or tape is adequate to prevent leakage.

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What does FS mean in aviation?

FS Aviation Abbreviation

2 FS Flight Safety Technology, Airline, Military
1 FS Flight Services + 1 variant Service, Technology, Aircraft
1 FS Flight Service Military, Technology, Aircraft
1 FS Flight Simulation Simulator, Technology, Military
1 FS Flight System Flight, Technology, Space

What is PA in aviation?

PA. Passenger Address. Technology, Aircraft, Airway.

Why do pilots say heavier?

When a pilot uses the phrase “ heavy,” he is reminding ATC that his aircraft is large and requires more separation between it and the aircraft following.

What does G mean in aviation?

G -Force. Acceleration in Aviation: G -Force.

What is the pilot alphabet called?

It’s called the phonetic alphabet (sometimes, the pilot’s alphabet ) and a version of this particular alphabet has been in use since the International Air Transport Association (IATA) proposed it in the 1950s for civil aviation use.

What is the full form of FAA?

FAA — Federal Aviation Administration.

What does cats stand for in aviation?

Clear Air Turbulence ( CAT ) is defined as sudden severe turbulence occurring in cloudless regions that causes violent buffeting of aircraft. This term is commonly applied to higher altitude turbulence associated with wind shear.

What is the full form of Aera?

Airports Economic Regulatory Authority of India ( AERA ) AERA, was established by the Government of India vide notification No. GSR 317(E) dated 12th May 2009 as a statutory body of Government of India.

What does NPT mean?

​ NPT. NPT stands for National Pipe Thread and is an American standard thread. It may also be reffered to as MPT, MNPT or NPT (M) for male external threads and FPT, FNPT or NPT (F) for female interal threads. A thread sealant must always be used to achieve a leak free seal (except for NPTF).

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What does LCL mean in aviation?

LCL. 1. Abbreviation for “local” or “locally” 2. Lifting Condensation Level – the level at which a parcel of moist air becomes saturated when it is lifted dry adiabatically.

What does BTH mean in aviation?

BTH probably means: Begin. Total-engine-overhaul-shop.

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