Quick Answer: How Long Is Aviation Captains Career Course?

How long is AG Captains Career Course?

Posted: (11 days ago) The Maneuver Captain’s Career Course (MCCC or MC3) is a military training and education course primarily for U.S. Army infantry and armor officers. Organized under the Maneuver Center of Excellence (MCoE) at Fort Benning, Georgia, the course is 22 weeks long.

When can I go to Captains Career Course?

The Army Captain’s Career Course (CCC) is the second developmental course attended by officers following their commissioning. Generally, officers attend the course immediately after promotion to Captain and between their 4th and 7th years of service.

How long is mi CCC?

A 22-week course, which provides company grade CBRN Officers the technical skills and knowledge to perform the duties and responsibilities required of company commanders and brigade level battle staff CBRN Officers.

What are the army officer branches?

The following are Officer Branch Specialties of the US Army:

  • Infantry.
  • Air Defense Artillery.
  • Armor.
  • Aviation.
  • Corps of Engineers.
  • Field Artillery.
  • Special Forces.

What is Amedd CCC?

The United States Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Captains Career Course ( CCC ) is an Officer Advance Course (OAC) taught at Fort Sam Houston, Texas that provides graduate level leadership training for all six special officer branches (corps) in the AMEDD.

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How do I become a 35a?


  1. Be a college graduate with at least a four-year degree.
  2. Be between 18 and 34 years old.
  3. Officer Basic Leadership Course (Or Additional Special Courses/Qualifications)
  4. Eligible for a Secret security clearance.
  5. Must be a U.S. citizen.

How long is Army intelligence school?

An analyst needs an ASVAB score of at least 101 in “skilled technical.” In Army intelligence training school they spend 10 weeks in basic combat training and 16 weeks in advanced individual training. Among the skills they learn are military symbols, computers and how to prepare maps, charts and intelligence reports.

Is military intelligence a good branch?

This discipline covers a wide spectrum through all branches of the armed forces, even the Coast Guard. When deciding on a long-term career path within the confines of the Military, you can be certain Intelligence is a good choice in terms of education and professional growth.

What is the best officer job in the Army?

7 Best Army Officer Jobs

  • Army EOD Officer.
  • Army Air Defense Artillery personnel at work.
  • Army Special Forces Officer at Fort Bragg, NC.
  • Army CBRN personnel during a training event.
  • Army Military Intelligence Officer at work.
  • Army Transportation Officer and Transportation Unit.

Do Army aviation officers fly?

as Brian Collins says, most pilots in the Army are actually Warrant Officers and all they do is fly and they are really good at it. as Brian Collins says, most pilots in the Army are actually Warrant Officers and all they do is fly and they are really good at it.

What is the best branch in the Army?

The US Marine Corps Is The Best Military Branch, According To Glassdoor. He loves this. via U.S. Marine Corps The Marine Corps is the top -rated military service branch, according to reviews on the career website Glassdoor.

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