Quick Answer: Aviation What Is A Feeder Route?

Can you descend on a feeder route?

If you are assigned a feeder route and an altitude until “established on the approach” you do not descend to the minimum alitude for the feeder route.

What are Metro feeder routes?

i. A route designated on instrument approach procedure charts for aircraft to proceed from an en route structure to the initial approach fix. Also called a transition route.

What is a feeder fix?

A feeder fix is a fix on an airway that is used to join the airway to the approach IAF, IOW transition from enroute guidance (typically an airway) to approach route guidance to an IAF.

What is MAA altitude?

The maximum authorized altitude ( MAA ) is the highest altitude at which the airway can be flown with assurance of receiving adequate navigation signals.

Is a feeder route part of an approach?

Feeder routes, also referred to as approach transitions, technically are not considered approach segments but are an integral part of many IAPs.

When can you descend in a TAA?

If the airplane is NW of and within 30 nm of FETUJ, descend and maintain 4500 until reaching FETUJ. No procedure turn is required or allowed when arriving via the NW segment of the TAA; a PT is required when arriving in the NE segment of the TAA, where the charted altitude is 5500 until reaching FETUJ.

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What is a terminal delay aviation?

Terminal Area Delay. A delay within a terminal. area for touch-and-go, low approach, or other.

What is the minimum crossing altitude?

The normal climb values used for determining MCAs in the United States are: 150 feet per nautical mile from mean sea level (MSL) to 5000 feet MSL; 120 feet per nautical mile from 5000 feet to 10,000 feet MSL; and 100 feet per nautical mile at 10,000 feet MSL or above.

Where is the minimum crossing altitude?

The MCA is related with signal reception and obstacle clearance; this will be indicated by a flagged [X] on NOS and Jeppesen charts as an airway number and altitude. The pilot should climb to the MCA before reaching the intersection; in that way the MCA will not be violated.

What is the minimum reception altitude?

In aviation, minimum reception altitude (MRA) is the lowest altitude on an airway segment where an aircraft can be assured of receiving signals from off-course navigation aids like VOR that define a fix.

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