Question: Where Is Pasco Hernando Aviation Classroom?

What classes do Phsc offer?

Degrees and Programs

  • Architecture, Construction and Manufacturing.
  • Business Management and Administration.
  • General Studies.
  • Health Science.
  • Information Technology.
  • Law, Public Safety and Security.
  • Transportation, Distribution and Logistics.

Is Phsc a 4 year college?

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree at PHSC Pasco-Hernando State College is pleased to offer bachelor’s degree programs that meet former Governor Rick Scott’s $10,000 degree challenge to the Florida College System- to provide a four year bachelor’s degree to students for no more than $10,000.

Is Pasco-Hernando State College a community college?

In 1967, the Florida Legislature founded Pasco – Hernando Community College -the 28th and final link to the state’s system of community colleges.

How do I register for classes at Phsc?

To register for classes, please complete the Registration Form and email it, along with your completed and signed state approval form to the Assistant Dean of the campus where you wish to take the class (es). If your form shows your social security number, please remove it, and list your PHSC student ID instead.

What does Phsc stand for in college?

PHSC College Abbreviation

1 PHSC Pasco-Hernando State College + 1 variant Education, Pasco, Technology
1 PHSC Pasco Hernando State College Student, Education, Campus
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Is Phsc a good school?

PHSC Ranked Among the 2019 Best Online Colleges in Florida.

Is Pasco Hernando State College a good college?

PHSC is one of the best colleges you will ever be at, with a good variety of classes to choose from, and a club or activity for everyone.

How do I access my Phsc email?

Student Email Access

  1. Your student email address is found on the home page of WISE.
  2. [email protected]
  3. [email protected]
  4. Your student email is an Outlook account.
  5. If you are having any problems accessing your student email account or other questions, please contact the Help Desk at (727) 816-3311 or email at [email protected]

When did Phsc open their doors?

In 1967, the Florida Legislature founded Pasco-Hernando Community College as the 28th and final link to the state’s system of community colleges. It opened its doors in 1972, and celebrated its 45th anniversary in 2017.

What division is Pasco Hernando State College?

PHSC Men’s Basketball Program History In 2010, the program switched to Division II status and appeared in the 2011 and 2012 regional tournament for the first time. In the 2015-2016 season, the PHSC men’s basketball team finished in the top eight at the Region 10 Tournament.

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