Question: What Are The Aviation Requirements For Lewis University?

Is Lewis University a good aviation school?

Lewis University programs are FAA-approved and nationally recognized. In fact, Lewis was recently awarded the Loening Trophy as the outstanding all-around collegiate aviation program in the nation. It doesn’t get much better than that.

How many planes does Lewis University have?

There are 203 aircraft based at this airport: 84% single engine (171), 10% multi engine (21), 4% jet aircraft (9) and 1% helicopters (2).

What major Does aviation fall under?

There are dozens more aviation degree programs in the US including aviations management, flight operations management, meteorology, aeronautical technology, avionics engineering, flight dispatch and scheduling, aerospace administration, and aviation computer science, just to name a few.

What is Aviation Administration degree?

Bachelor’s degrees in aviation administration offer students the opportunity to learn both aviation and business skills. Students are trained in a wide spectrum of aviation practices, including air traffic control, aviation meteorology and aviation safety.

Does University of Illinois have an aviation program?

The Parkland College Institute of Aviation at the University of Illinois will allow students to earn a two-year associate degree in aviation or take courses to earn FAA-approved pilot certification to various levels.

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How do I apply to Lewis University?

Applying to Lewis University is easy

  1. Complete the appropriate application from the list below (based on your student type and program of interest) in a secure online format.
  2. Submit the necessary transcripts or supporting documents for your program.
  3. Submit the $40 application fee.

What degree is best for aviation?

10 Best Degrees for Becoming a Pilot What to Study if you want to become an airline pilot

  • Bachelor of Aviation.
  • Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology.
  • Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering.
  • Bachelor of Aeronautical Science.
  • Bachelor of Science in Air Traffic Management.
  • Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management.

What is the best aviation school in the world?

Top Flying Schools Abroad for Pilot Training

  • CAE Oxford Aviation Academy. With 85 years of experience in pilot training, CAE Aviation Academy is considered to be one of the best flying schools across the globe.
  • CTC Wings (Europe)
  • Flight Safety Academy (USA)
  • Pan AM International Flying Academy.
  • Singapore Flying College.

Are aviation degrees worth it?

Aviation universities can be very beneficial when it comes to learning, networking, and ultimately getting a job as a pilot. But they’re costly, and many people recommend a backup plan in case you’re grounded in the future.

Which is the best job in aviation?

Flying High: 7 Top Jobs in Aviation

  • Commercial Pilot. Image via Flickr by
  • Aircraft and Avionics Equipment Mechanic or Technician.
  • Commercial Air Traffic Controller.
  • Aerospace Program Manager.
  • Aviation Safety Inspector.
  • Flight Instructor.
  • Flight Attendant.

What jobs can I get with an Aviation Administration degree?

Other Career Options

  • Airline manager.
  • Airport manager.
  • Airport security manager.
  • Air traffic controller.
  • Systems management.
  • Business management.
  • Freight and cargo management.
  • Airfield operator.
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How many aviation careers are there?

Essential Career Information

2017 Median Pay $67,240
2016, number of jobs 11,710
Employment growth forecast, 2016-2026 7%
Entry-level education requirements Associate degree
2017, workers at the 75th percentile annual wage $39.29

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