Often asked: What Does Acronym S.T.U.F.F. Stand For In Aviation?

What are the abbreviations used in airlines?

Aviation abbreviations and acronyms

Acronym Meaning Source
AAD Assigned altitude deviation AIS
AAIM Aircraft Autonomous Integrity Monitor
AAIS Automatic aerodrome information service AIS
AAL Above aerodrome level AIS


What is the abbreviation for aviation?

There are two common abbreviations for aviation: aviat. and AVN.

Which of these acronyms represent codes for airports?

An IATA airport code, also known as an IATA location identifier, IATA station code, or simply a location identifier, is a three-letter geocode designating many airports and metropolitan areas around the world, defined by the International Air Transport Association ( IATA ).

What does NPT stand for in aviation?

The most common American styles are National Pipe Taper ( NPT ) and National Pipe Taper Fuel (NPTF). NPT threads are used in mechanical or low-pressure air or fluid applications and the use of sealant or tape is adequate to prevent leakage.

What is CTC in aviation?

CTC. Cabin Temperature Controller. Engineering, Technology, Aircraft.

What is PA in aviation?

PA – Public/Passenger Announcement.

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What does RTF stand for in aviation?

VHF RTF. Very High Frequency (VHF) RadioTelephone ( RTF ) Radio equipment onboard the aircraft.

What does G stand for in aviation?

G -Force. Acceleration in Aviation: G -Force.

What is airport code FFP?


Are IATA codes unique?

This code is decided by the International Air Transport Association ( IATA ). Since the code contains only three letters, the possible combinations are limited and consequently the IATA codes are not unique in some cases, with the same code used to designate two different airports.

What does NPT mean in text?

The word npt is used in Texting, is a general term meaning input,not.

What does RT stand for in aviation?

A. OW stands for one-way and RT stands for round-trip. So when we list a round-trip fare as being available “OW for 1/2 fare”, that just means that you can purchase this fare for one-way at half the cost of the round-trip fare.

What does AAA stand for in aviation?

Accounting and Authorisation of Hold Baggage for Carriage by Air ( AAA ) background and origins: ● definition of AAA (requirement to reconcile hold baggage with passenger flying, airline responsibility, automated systems since 1998.

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