Often asked: How To Read Aviation Charts?

What does * l mean aviation?

FAA charts are international charts to a Canadian pilot 0* (actually more like ( L )* ) is in the legend, it means pilot controlled lighting – part time or on request.

How do I know if airport has fuel?

The current practice is to use tick marks around the airport symbol to indicate that fuel is available and the field attended Monday through Friday from 10h00 to 16h00, local time. Today, many airports have self-service fuel so there is no longer a need for an attendant to be present.

How do you read Graticules?

Using the same calibrated eyepiece graticule to measure a cell: The width of the cell highlighted = 52 – 40 = 12 eyepiece graticule divisions. The real width of the cell is 12 × 4.9 μm = 59 μm (to two significant figures).

What is a sectional aeronautical chart?

Sectional Aeronautical Charts are the primary navigational reference medium used by the VFR pilot community. The aeronautical information on Sectional Charts includes visual and radio aids to navigation, airports, controlled airspace, restricted areas, obstructions, and related data.

What does G stand for in aviation?

G -Force. Acceleration in Aviation: G -Force.

What is POB in aviation?

POB – Persons on Board – Aviation Term – Abbreviation / Acronym.

What is a chart supplement?

Chart Supplements are a listing of data on record with the FAA on all open-to-the-public airports, seaplane bases, heliports, military facilities and selected private use airports specifically requested by the Department of Defense (DOD) for which a DOD instrument approach procedure has been published in the U.S.

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How many chart supplements are there?

The Cover-to-Cover files contain each of the nine supplements from cover to cover in Portable Document Format (PDF).

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