Often asked: How Does Ryan Reynolds Drink Aviation Gin?

Does Ryan Reynolds still owns Aviation gin?

Actor Ryan Reynolds acquired a stake in the brand from Davos in February 2018. On August 17, 2020, Aviation was sold to Diageo, whose liquor lineup includes the gin Tanqueray, as well as Smirnoff vodka, and Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky. Diageo stated Reynolds still maintains an “ongoing ownership interest” in Aviation.

How much did Ryan Reynolds pay for Gin?

The total purchase price comes to $610 million, divided among one upfront payment of $335 million, and up to $275 million more that Diageo promises to pay as “earnouts” over the next 10 years, assuming Aviation Gin performs as expected.

What is Ryan Reynolds role in aviation gin?

Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds became the brand’s co-owner and de facto ambassador when he acquired an undisclosed minority stake from Davos in 2018, infusing the gin’s image with his wry humor, including chuckle-inducing out-of-office auto-reply emails.

How much is Aviation gin worth?

Diageo adds Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation American Gin with deal valued at up to $610 million.

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What is Ryan Reynolds worth?

Quick Facts

Full Name: Ryan Rodney Reynolds
Net Worth: USD 150 million (as of January 1, 2021)
Source of Wealth: Acting, Comedy, Film Production, and Other Entrepreneurial Ventures
Height: 6′ 1″ (1.88 m)
Weight: 84 kg; In pounds: 185 lbs.


What mixes good with gin?

20 gin mixers to try when you don’t have (or like) tonic

  • GIN & GINGER. Ginger beer is a warming, spicy alternative mixer for gin.
  • GIN & VERMOUTH. Vermouth is the original ‘ mixer ‘ for gin – in a Martini!
  • GIN & LIME.
  • GIN & COKE.
  • GIN & SODA.

Does Ryan Reynolds own mint?

It’s been a little over a year since Ryan Reynolds bought a majority stake in Mint Mobile, a deal that has already had a dramatic impact on the the MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). The four-year-old company has seen a tremendous amount of growth, boosting revenue nearly 50,000% in the past three years.

What is the best way to drink Aviation gin?

Pour Aviation Gin into glass filled with Ice and top with Tonic Water. Gently stir and garnish with Cinnamon Stick & Orange Peel.

How much does Ryan Reynolds own aviation gin?

Ryan Reynolds sold his Aviation Gin brand for $610 million then apologized to tequila founder George Clooney in an out-of-office email.

Can you drink gin straight?

Drinking Gin Straight. Of course, you can always drink your gin straight. Just pour the gin over a few ice cubes and drop in a lime wedge if you fancy. Naturally, to enjoy a spirit neat it must be of good quality – there’s nothing worse than nasty, bitter, cheap gin.

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Is Aviation Gin actually good?

Cocktails. Aviation Gin is named for the Aviation and it goes without saying— it makes an excellent cocktail. The floral notes from the creme de violette amplify some of the cardamom and lavender notes. Absolutely delicious.

Is Aviation Gin any good?

Based on 740 votes, the average rating for Aviation Gin is 7.6/10. Top reviews for Aviation Gin: ― This is easily my favorite Gin. It’s delicious, smooth, mixes well, and is distilled right here in Portland, Oregon.

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