Often asked: Azur Lane Where Can I Farm Aviation Fleets?

How many fleets can you have in Azur lane?

You can have a total of 4 fleets and each fleet can have 6 ships. You must follow some rules when assigning ships to a fleet.

How do you get a good fleet in Azur lane?

To ensure you have enough damage, defense, and utility in battle, you should aim to build a fleet with a balance of ship types. You need to have sufficient defenses not to get taken out by burst attacks from the enemy, but you also want to have enough damage so they can’t out sustain you.

What level should I farm Azur lane?

Use one level 30 or above ship you want to level up. Use one low- level ship at Limit Break 0 you want to level up. Auto battle a location you want to farm repeatedly. Continue farming until the mid- level ship hits level 50+ and your low- level front row ship is ready to Limit Break.

What does joining a guild do in Azur lane?

The Guild menu allows for players to form their own groups/ guilds where they can communicate and see each other’s stats. Activity.

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Task Points
Participate in a Guild Operation 10


What is luck in Azur lane?

Luck: The ship’s Luck stat, influences the ship’s chance of hitting the enemy and avoid the enemy’s attacks as well as her chance to land and avoid Critical Hits.

What is clearing mode in Azur lane?

New Feature: Clearing Mode Once you get a Stage’s Threat Level down to Safe and clear it with 3 Stars, you can choose to enable Clearing Mode from the Stage’s select screen.

What ships use Azur lane?

Azur Lane Ship Guide: Recommended Common, Rare, Elite, and SSR Battleships And Battlecruisers For Your Fleet

  • Battleships and Battlecruisers have incredibly powerful artillery guns, coupled with heavy armor plating for good measure.
  • HMS Repulse Photo: Yostar.
  • USS Tennessee Photo: Yostar.
  • USS Pennsylvania Photo: Yostar.

What is the max level in Azur lane?

The Commander level cap is 200. Extra experience will not be stored.

What is the max level for ships in Azur lane?

Every ship can be limit broken three times, once at level 10, once at level 30 and once at level 70.

How do you get money fast in Azur lane?

You can get quick finishers in Azur Lane by completing missions, commissions, and claiming rewards from level-up and login events. Your main source of quick finishers is going to be missions. Weekly and daily missions are the missions that most often have quick finishers as a reward.

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