How Much Are Movie Tickets At Regal Cinemas In Aviation Mall?

What is the senior discount at Regal Cinemas?

Receive up to 30% off the regular adult ticket price.

How much is a Regal Movie Pass?

Movie Subscription Plans

Many theatres
Regal Unlimited™
$18 per month+ tax Watch unlimited movies at more than 200 select Regal theatres nationwide.
Regal Unlimited Plus™
$21 per month+ tax Expand your options to include more than 400 Regal theatres.


How much do Theaters pay for movies?

The general breakdown for a Hollywood movie gives the movie theater 45% of every ticket sold and the studio that created the movie 55%. This means if a movie ticket is $10, the theater that shows the movie receives $4.50 and the studio, lets say Paramount, receives $5.50.

Does Regal Cinemas give AARP discounts?

And AARP members can get discounts at Regal Cinemas when they buy their tickets online.

What day is Senior Day at AMC Theaters?

And on Tuesdays, it’s Senior Day at participating AMC theaters, with discounts up to 60% off a regular priced ticket.

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Is Regal or AMC better?

On a recent article, Business Insider has ranked AMC as the number 1 theater chain, following is Regal at the second place. Customers claim AMC has won them over. The theater’s ace customer service, especially its snacks has made them feel like it worth the fair, not to mention the movie itself.

Is Regal unlimited coming back?

Welcome back! Regal is excited to welcome back Regal Unlimited subscribers to our theatres opening in select locations starting Friday, April 2, in time for Godzilla vs. Please find details below about your Regal Unlimited subscriptions, Regal Crown Club rewards and credit statuses.

How many tickets can you buy with Regal unlimited?

You can make up to three ticket reservations at a time with the Regal Unlimited plan. After three, you must attend one of them before you can make another reservation. Users will have to pay a $0.50 convenience fee when making reservations through Regal Unlimited.

Do movie theaters play movies if no one buys a ticket?

Originally Answered: If nobody buys a ticket to a movie do they still show it? There’s no set policy at AMC, but typically, the movie will run. If no tickets have been sold by the show’s actual start time (meaning after the previews), the projector bulb may be shut off to save bulb time.

Why are movie theaters so cold?

It’s expensive to heat large spaces, and makes more sense to keep it too cold in the winter and let people’s body heat warm it up than keep it comfortable, have 100 people sit in a crowded theater, have it get too hot, have to turn the AC on in winter.

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Is it okay to sneak food into the movies?

Since many theaters don’t allow people to bring in their own food, you might get kicked out if you’re caught sneaking in snacks. That would be a real waste of money, since you already paid for your ticket! If you don’t want to buy treats at the theater, have a snack before or after the movie.

What is the age for senior discount at McDonald’s?

Under the Golden Arches, McDonald’s offers savings opportunities for senior citizens and anyone over age 55.

Does AMC theaters offer AARP discounts?

1. AMC Theaters: Discounts on movie tickets for adults 60 and older. Carmike Cinemas: Discounts of 35 percent on regular adult tickets for moviegoers 65 and older.

Where can you get AARP discounts?

There are over 30 different restaurant, shopping and technology discounts available to members. For dining out or takeout, members get discounts such as 10 percent off at Outback Steakhouse, Bonefish Grill and Carrabba’s Italian Grill and 15 percent off at Denny’s.

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