How Long Does It Take To Get A Faa Certificate Part 135 Of The Federal Aviation Regulations?

How do I get Part 135 certified?

14 CFR Part 135 Certification Process

  1. Phase 1 – Pre-application. This phase starts when a prospective applicant first inquires about or requests an application for an air carrier or air operator certificate.
  2. Phase 2 – Formal Application.
  3. Phase 3 — Design Assessment.
  4. Phase 4 — Performance Assessment.
  5. Phase 5 — Administrative Functions.

How much does it cost to start a Part 135 operation?

Item Certificate Level
Single-Pilot Operator Full 135 Operator
10 Pax or More
Product Cost $15,000 $55,000
Application Forms and Letters


How do I get a single pilot certificate 135?

In brief you will need a qualified pilot, a Part 135 ready aircraft, and your Base of Operations or PBO. All sustainable. Meaning the aircraft is 135 insured come time to fly 135, you have enough operating cash to support your operations for at least a few months, and the pilot is qualified.

What is an FAA Part 135 certificate?

A standard part 135 operator is a certificate holder that does not have pre-set limits on the available size or scope of their operations. The applicant must apply, qualify, and be granted FAA authorization thru OpSpecs for each type of operation they wish to conduct.

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What is the difference between Part 91 and Part 135?

Under Part 91, your caffeine-swilling pilots can fly your aircraft around for days without ever taking a break. Part 135, on the other hand, has specific flight-duty-time and rest requirements. Aircraft operated under Part 135 cannot generally use airports that lack on-site weather reporting.

How many Part 135 operators are there?

This shows that approximately 1,100 airports had enplanements reported by on-demand part 135 operators.

Which positions are required for a Part 135 operation?

In order to become certificated as a Part 135 “Standard” certificate holder, an applicant must designate by name the individuals who will serve as the Director of Operations, Chief Pilot, and Director of Maintenance.

What is the difference between Part 121 and 135?

Part 121 deals with commercial air service, flights that are scheduled, and have paying passengers, i.e. customers. Part 135 regulates the on-demand flights and scheduled charter flights. Scheduled charter flights are usually limited to a few days a week.

Does Part 135 require ATP?

The ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) certificate is the highest level of aircraft pilot rating certificate. It is required for pilots flying under CFR Part 121 and some Part 135 operations (cargo or passengers).

What is a Part 121?

Federal Aviation Regulations ( FAR ) Part 121 Certification allows a company to act as a scheduled airline. Compared to Part 135 certification, Part 121 is required for carriers who are transporting larger numbers of passengers (i.e. a group jet charter).

What is Fsims?

The Flight Standards Information Management System ( FSIMS ) is a single-source, web-based, repository of policy and guidance available to all FAA employees. FSIMS allows you to: enhance standardization by accessing the same version of policy and guidance as other FAA employees.

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What is a commuter operation?

Commuter operations are those in which the certificate holder or its representative offers in advance the departure location, departure time, and arrival location, terms of service and aircraft type, and where frequency of operations is at least five round trips per week on at least one route between two or more points

Is part 135 an air carrier?

The Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA ) grants the authority to operate on-demand, unscheduled air service in the form of Part 135 certificate. Most Part 135 air carriers are required to have a FAA approved hazardous materials (dangerous goods) program.

What is a Part 135 company?

A Part 135 operator provides commercial, non-scheduled aircraft operations – such as private air charter and air taxi flights. Part 135 operations have to work within a much more detailed and strict operational and legal framework than a Part 91 operator.

What is the title of 14 CFR 135?

14 CFR Part 135 Air Carrier and Operator Certification.

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