FAQ: Where Is The Alabama Aviation College Located?

What is Enterprise State Community College known for?

On two Alabama campuses in Enterprise & Ozark, ESCC offers the opportunity to pursue affordable academic excellence. Our student-focused campuses encourage students to get involved in the community and to develop rewarding friendships through class discussions, competitive athletics, fine arts, clubs and organizations.

What division is Enterprise State?

The College’s golf team won second place in state competition for Division II in 1998. Throughout its history, Enterprise State Community College has been successful in attracting federal and private funds that have enabled the College to develop innovative programs and services.

What city is Troy University?

Troy University is a public university in Troy, Alabama. It was founded in 1887 as Troy State Normal School within the Alabama State University System, and is now the flagship university of the Troy University System.

How far is Dothan from Troy University?

There are 52.93 miles from Troy to Dothan in southeast direction and 56 miles (90.12 kilometers) by car, following the US-231 and SR 10 route. Troy and Dothan are 1 hour 4 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop. This is the fastest route from Troy, AL to Dothan, AL. The halfway point is Ozark, AL.

How do I access my Wallace State email?

Log into your myWallaceState account, Click on the Personal Information Tab, then click on View E- mail addresses. From there you will be able to view your Wallace State email address. You can also log into your email on office.com using your Wallace State email address and password.

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