FAQ: What Is Quanta Aviation?

What is Quanta Services three areas of focus?

Quanta Services builds the infrastructure that powers your world.

  • Storm Response.
  • Aviation.
  • Energized Services.

What companies are owned by Quanta?

Quanta Underground Services, Inc.
InfraSource Services, Inc. Delaware
InfraSource Telecommunication Services, LLC Delaware
InfraSource Transmission Services Company Arizona
InfraSource Underground Construction, Inc. Delaware


What kind of company is Quanta?

Quanta Services is an American corporation that provides infrastructure services for electric power, pipeline, industrial and communications industries. Capabilities include the planning, design, installation, program management, maintenance and repair of most types of network infrastructure.

Who started Quanta Services?

Since 1997 when founder John Colson brought together four original companies – PAR, Potelco, Union Power and Trans Tech – Quanta has acquired more than 200 companies.

Who is the CEO of Quanta Services?

“Duke” Austin, Jr. Earl C. “Duke” Austin, Jr., is president, CEO and COO of Quanta Services, a recognized leader driving the operations of the largest specialized contractor serving electric power, pipeline, industrial and communications customers in North America.

Who owns valard?

Quanta Services, Inc. acquired the Valard Construction group of companies, based in Edmonton, Alberta, in a transaction valued at approximately US$219 million.

Is Quanta a union service?

Quanta Services Inc. provides specialized contractor services within the electric utility, telecommunications, broadband cable and gas pipeline industries. Thanks to the high caliber manpower and training programs the IBEW offers, the union has gained important ground in organizing this vital industry.

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What is Quanta and its value?

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What are quanta of light called?

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