FAQ: What Is Mdl In Aviation?

What does MDL stand for?


Acronym Definition
MDL Middle
MDL Method Detection Limit (analytical laboratories)
MDL Multi-District Litigation (proceeding)
MDL Meteorological Development Lab (US NWS)


What does PLA mean in aviation?

PLA in Aviation

3 PLA Power Lever Angle Technology, Flight, Flying
2 PLA Power Light Adapter Technology, Aircraft, Airway
2 PLA Practise Low Approach Technology, Aircraft, Airway
1 PLA Parachute Location Aid Aerodynamics, Flight, Technology

What does CFS stand for in aviation?

CFS Aviation Abbreviation

1 CFS Canada Flight Supplement publication Technology, Aircraft, Airway
1 CFS Canadian Forces Station WW2, Military, Army
1 CFS Central Flying School RAF, WW1, Military
1 CFS Cold Finished Steel Technology, Aircraft Systems

What is ASC in aviation?

The Aeronautical Systems Center ( ASC ) is an inactivated Air Force product center that designed, developed and delivered dominant aerospace weapon systems and capabilities for U.S. Air Force, other U.S. military, allied and coalition-partner warfighters, in support of Air Force leadership priorities.

How is MDL calculated?

The method detection limit is calculated according to the formula: MDL = Student’s t value x the standard deviation. Substituting the numbers into the equation: MDL = Student’s t value x std. deviation = 2.896 x 0.018 = 0.052 mg/L (The student’s t value changes with the number of data points.

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What is MDL material?

Created by Nvidia, MDL stands for Material Definition Language. It is a language is meant to describe the property of a physically based material, and how it is supposed to behave.

What is VTA in aviation?

VTA is a FAA Acronym for: Vertex Time of Arrival.

What is a CFS and what does it do aviation?

The CFS presents runway data, arrival and departure procedures, air traffic control (ATC) and other radio frequencies and services such as fuel, hangarage that are available at each listed aerodrome.

What does ASD stand for Military?

ASD Military Abbreviation

3 ASD Army, Security, Military Law
1 ASD Army, War, War Force
1 ASD Ministry Of Defence, Government, Soldiery
1 ASD WW2, Armed Forces, RAF


What is Airline Operators Committee?

AOC is an IATA (International Air Transport Association) recommended committee comprised of membership limited to airlines operating scheduled flights to that particular airport.

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