FAQ: What Does Wlr Mean In Aviation?

What is the abbreviation for aviation?

There are two common abbreviations for aviation: aviat. and AVN.

What is SDP in aviation?

SDP. Surveillance Data Processing. Technology, Aircraft, Airway.

What does RTF stand for in aviation?

VHF RTF. Very High Frequency (VHF) RadioTelephone ( RTF ) Radio equipment onboard the aircraft.

What is Alt * in aviation?

In most autopilots there is an altitude capture mode. In Airbus aircraft this is known as ALT *, or “ Alt Star.” The computer uses the selected altitude and the vertical speed to calculate how far ahead to begin the capture maneuver, which is an asymptotic curve.

What does am mean in aviation?

AMC. Acceptable Means of Compliance (EASA) AME. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

What does RTF stand for?

Stands for “Rich Text Format.” RTF is a file format standardized by Microsoft for creating formatted text files. Unlike a basic text file, an RTF file can include information such as text style, size, and color.

What is RTF in medical term?

A Residential Treatment Facility ( RTF ) is a place where children and teenagers live temporarily to get treatment for severe emotional and/or behavioral disorders that cannot be managed in the community. RTFs are most helpful when families are involved in their child’s care.

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What does RTF stand for in business?

What does RTF stand for?

Rank Abbr. Meaning
RTF Return to Factory
RTF Realty Transfer Fee (New Jersey)
RTF Return to Floor
RTF Ready to Feed (baby formula)

What does G stand for in aviation?

G -Force. Acceleration in Aviation: G -Force.

What is C of R in aviation?

The Certificate of Airworthiness ( C of A) or Airworthiness Certificate is the formal document issued by the National Aviation Authority (NAA) to certify that an aircraft is airworthy. As a general rule civil aircraft are not allowed to fly unless they have a valid C of A.

What is Tx in aviation?

TX. Indicator for Maximum Temperature. Technology, Aircraft, Airway.

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