FAQ: What Does Vot Stand For In Aviation?

What is a vot in aviation?

The FAA VOR test facility ( VOT ) transmits a test signal which provides users a convenient means to determine the operational status and accuracy of a VOR receiver while on the ground where a VOT is located.

What is the meaning of VOT?


Acronym Definition
VOT Value Over Time
VOT Veterans of Truth
VOT VHF Omni Test
VOT Voice of Tranquility (band)


How do you know if an airport has a vot?

Not all airports have VOTs, so you’ll need to check the A/FD to see if your airport has one.

  1. Tune your VOR to the VOT signal.
  2. Set the course selector to 0 degrees, and the track indicator should be centered.
  3. The TO-FROM indicator should read FROM.
  4. Next, set the course selector to 180 degrees.

Where can I find VOT frequency?

The VOT frequency for a particular airport can be found only in the Airport/Facility Directory. Communication Panel included on the En Route Low Altitude Chart.

How accurate is a VOR?

Accuracy. The accuracy of course alignment of the VOR is excellent, being generally plus or minus 1 degree. Roughness. On some VORs, minor course roughness may be observed, evidenced by course needle or brief flag alarm activity (some receivers are more susceptible to these irregularities than others).

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Is VOR required for IFR?

They are not considered ” required” for IFR flight, but most IFR routes can be flown using Victor airways and hence VORs. VOR approaches are now more deprecated but plenty exist – I just did one a few days ago! A VOR approach is like a localizer approach – non precision, with higher minimums.

Is vot a Scrabble word?

VOT is not a valid scrabble word.

What does VOT mean in real estate?

Vacant on Transfer ( VOT ) becomes the new market buzzword According to trends from Property Finder listing data, Vacant on Transfer ( VOT ) has become a more regularly used term on secondary properties listed for sale.

Is Zot a word?

(slang) To zap, kill, or destroy.

Are VOR checks still required?

The answer is obviously no for the pilot flying IFR solely (from a legal perspective) in reliance on the VORs. If this VOR capability is used as the primary guidance on an IFR flight, then the same 14 CFR 91.171 operational check and logging requirements apply.

What is VOR test facility?

A ground facility which emits a test signal to check VOR receiver accuracy. Some VOTs are available to the user while airborne, while others are limited to ground use only.

Where can I find VOR test facilities?

Not all airports have a VOT. You can discover which airports do have a test facility in Section 4 of the FAA Chart Supplement (formerly known as the Airport Facility Directory [AFD]).

Can you do dual VOR check on the ground?

Both systems shall be tuned to the same VOR ground facility and note the indicated bearings to that station. The maximum permissible variation between the two indicated bearings is 4 degrees.

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