FAQ: What Airplanes In The Naval Aviation Museum Were Not Navy Airplanes?

What planes are at NAS Pensacola?

The 479 FTG operates USAF T-6A Texan II and T-1A Jayhawk aircraft. Other tenant activities include the United States Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels, flying F/A-18 Hornets and a single USMC C-130T Hercules; and the 2nd German Air Force Training Squadron USA (German: 2.

Can anyone go to the Naval Aviation Museum?

Who can visit? The National Naval Aviation Museum is located on board NAS Pensacola. Access to the air station and therefore the museum is limited to all holders of current Department of Defense (DoD) ID.

Why is Pensacola Naval Museum closed?

Since the 2019 terrorist attack at NAS Pensacola, access to the base has been limited to holders of Department of Defense ID cards and their guests. For seven months in 2020, the museum also was closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can civilians get on NAS Pensacola?

The Pensacola Lighthouse and Maritime Museum sits on Naval Air Station Pensacola, which is an active military base. All civilian visitors must enter through the Public Gate, located just south of the intersection of Blue Angel Parkway and Gulf Beach Highway.

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What is Pensacola known for?

Pensacola is proud of its rich heritage and significant place in America’s history. Often referred to as “The City of Five Flags”, Pensacola is known for having changed ownership several times. The Spanish, French, British, Confederate, and American flags have all flown over our beautiful city.

Is NAS Pensacola Open to visitors?

The NAS Pensacola VCC hours of operation are 7 a.m.-3 p.m. M-F, 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Sat/Sun. For additional questions on access, please contact the VCC at (850) 452-4153.

Who can visit Naval Aviation Museum?

National Naval Aviation Museum. The National Naval Aviation Museum is open to those who can access NAS Pensacola and visit. Please see below for important information about the requirements for base access. For your safety and that of your fellow visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic, please practive social distancing.

What days do the Blue Angels practice?

Practice days for the US Navy Blue Angels are held at NAS Pensacola on the following Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The practice times are usually around 11:30 am and lasts about 45-55 minutes. After some of the Wednesday practices, members of the Blue Angels meet fans for a meet and greet and autographs.

Can you visit the Blue Angels?

Watching the show is free. Signs are posted to direct visitors to viewing and parking locations, including limited parking for handicapped visitors. Open bleacher seating is available for seating 1,000 people. A limited quantity of chairs are available for a fee of $3 per chair, good for that day’s practice session.

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Where can I watch the Blue Angels practice in Pensacola?

If you don’t have an ID or an escort with and ID you can watch the Practice Shows from just off the base at the Walmart or Target Parking Lots on Blue Angel Parkway, Navy Point Park or Fort Pickens. If you have a boat, Big Lagoon at Pensacola Pass is a good place to park.

Where should I live in NAS Pensacola?

While many military family members call base housing their home, others choose to live in nearby communities. The neighboring communities of Brent, Ferry Pass, Milton, Pace, Pensacola, and Warrington provide housing, employment, and other services for NAS Pensacola military families.

How many naval bases are in Florida?

The state of Florida hosts 21 military bases, some from every branch of the United States Military. The Pensacola/Jacksonville area is home to most of the military bases in Florida, but they exist in other coastal areas as well. Click a base name to learn more about it.

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