FAQ: How Much Does An Aviation Line Worker Make?

How much do flight line workers make?

Flight Line Mechanic Salary

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $58,500 $28
75th Percentile $56,000 $27
Average $49,738 $24
25th Percentile $41,500 $20

How much do line technicians make?

Heavy Line Technician Salary in California

Annual Salary Weekly Pay
Top Earners $68,817 $1,323
75th Percentile $59,969 $1,153
Average $44,931 $864
25th Percentile $34,900 $671

What is the highest paid job in the airport?

The 20 Highest – Paying Aviation Jobs in the World

  • Airframe and powerplant (A&P) mechanic (tie)
  • Air marshal.
  • Airport manager.
  • Aviation safety inspector.
  • Aerospace engineer.
  • Air traffic controller. Average salary: $122,990 (£88,290)
  • Flight instructor (tie) Average salary: $137,330 (£98,590)
  • Airline pilot (tie) Average salary: $137,330 (£98,590)

Do you get paid more to work in an airport?

Fremont, CA beats the national average by $5,391 (16.2%), and Santa Clara, CA furthers that trend with another $6,992 (21.0%) above the $33,322 average. Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Airport Worker Jobs.

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City Oakland, CA
Annual Salary $37,465
Monthly Pay $3,122
Weekly Pay $720
Hourly Wage $18.01

What is a flight line mechanic?

What is an aircraft mechanic? Aircraft mechanics maintain and repair aircraft systems and their components. They oversee the operation of various aircraft types, including helicopters and jets.

What is a heavy line technician?

The heavy line tech is the jargon used in the industry that would denote a top-level mechanic, and more recently an ASE Master Mechanic with longtime experience, who concentrate on major engine and transmission repairs. They are the largest organization presently to test and certify mechanics in the US.

What does a lineman do at an airport?

The lineman might arrange for passenger transportation to and from the airport, drive a shuttle, load and unload luggage, serve meals or arrange for catering. A lineman might also clean the aircraft inside and out. Other duties are related to the operation of the aircraft or airport.

What’s line service technician?

The Line Service Technician is a customer service position that is responsible for supporting all ground operations for inbound and outbound aircraft crews and passengers. Additionally, Line Service is a support position to other departments: Charter, Aircraft Maintenance, and Facilities.

What is the best job in airport?

Best Airport Jobs

  • Ticketing / Gate Agent.
  • Customer Service Representative.
  • Flight Attendant.
  • Aircraft and Avionics Equipment.
  • Air Traffic Controller.
  • Airfield Operations Specialist.
  • Transportation Security Officer.
  • Airline Cargo Handling Supervisor.

Does aviation pay well?

Airports and airlines employ a wide variety of workers, and salaries range from around the median wage to very high-paying. Airline jobs tend to be fairly high-paying. The median annual wage for an employee in the air transportation industry was $60,550, well above the overall median wage of $38,640.

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Is aviation a good career?

Many people dream of careers in the dynamic aviation industry, and with good reason. Not only does a high-flying career promise adventure and excitement, but jobs in aviation come with other benefits as well, including everything from flexibility to job security.

How much money can you make working at the airport?

Airport & Airline Salary Information

Job Type Average Starting Salary Entry Level
Air Traffic Controller $109,000 per year No
Airport Security Minimum Wage to $20 per hour Yes
Airline Administrative Assistant $7-$20 per hour Yes
Airline Baggage and Cargo Handler $9-$11 per hour Yes


Do you get discounts if you work at an airport?

If you work for an airline, you ‘ll enjoy either free or reduced fares, but the catch is you ‘ll have to fly standby, meaning you only get on if there are extra seats available. With many airlines overbooking their flights, grabbing a seat can sometimes be a challenge, especially over the busy holidays and summer months.

Do airport fast food workers get paid more?

In addition, because of the mandatory security background checks most airports have in place, restaurants are limited on the staff they can hire. On the upside, because of these potential downsides, in order to attract employees, airport restaurants usually offer more perks and higher pay.

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