Aviation What Meaning Of Rco?

What does RCO mean?


Acronym Definition
RCO Request for Commercial Offering
RCO Residual Crude Oil
RCO Retaliation Control Officer (Director of Human Resources)
RCO Reactive Carbonyl Compound


What is the purpose of an RCO?

RCOs were established to provide ground-to-ground communications between air traffic control specialists and pilots located at a satellite airport for delivering en route clearances, issuing departure authorizations, and acknowledging IFR cancellations or departure/landing times.

What is an airport RTR?

RTR (O’s) were established for the express purpose. of providing ground-to-ground communications. between air traffic control specialists and pilots. located at a satellite airport for delivering en route. clearances, issuing departure authorizations, and.

How do I find the frequency of my flight service station?

The Flight Service frequencies are listed in a box above certain VOR stations. The most common frequencies are 122.2, 122.4, or 122.6. Also, most GPS (or iPad apps like ForeFlight) have a listing of the nearest Flight Service frequencies.

What does RCO stand for Military?

RCO – Readiness Control Officer.

What does RCO mean in the Army?

Acronym Meaning
RCO Research Compliance Officer (US VA)
RCO Residential Communities Office (US Army )
RCO Responsible Corporate Officer (criminal law doctrine)
RCO Retaliation Control Officer (Director of Human Resources)
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How does an RCO work?

The RCO is used to make a radio call to the outlet as if the pilot were making the call directly to the FSS or FIC. The outlet will relay the call (and the briefer’s response) automatically. While RCOs serve flight service stations, RTRs serve terminal air traffic control facilities.

What is RCO business?

Meaning. RCO. Responsible Corporate Officer (criminal law doctrine) RCO. Risk Control Option.

How do you use GCO?

Pilots may contact TRACON, Wx Brief, Airport Operations and Emergency Services via the GCO. The system will ask you to click the mic twice to acknowledge it is dialing the correct location. (If it is not correct location, wait 5 seconds and start again.) The GCO will then dial the appropriate number.

What does FOD mean in aviation?

As defined in AC 150/5210-24, Airport Foreign Object Debris ( FOD ) Management, FOD is any object, live or not, located in an inappropriate location in the airport environment that has the capacity to injure airport or air carrier personnel and damage aircraft.

What radio frequency do airplanes use?

Legally, for air-to-air communications between private, fixed-wing aircraft, there is just one authorized frequency: 122.75 MHz. For general aviation helicopters: 123.025 MHz.

What radio frequency do pilots use?

One of its roles is to allocate all radio bandwidths and frequencies. In the United States, VHF civil aircraft communications are placed in the 100 MHz band and allocated 760 channels within the range from 118.0-136.975 MHz. As a pilot, every frequency you talk on will fall within this range.

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What are the aviation frequencies?

The VHF 108 to 136 MHz Civil Aviation Band

Frequencies llocation SLC Receiver Receivable
118.000- 136.000 MHz Aviation Communication (720 Channels) Yes
121.500 MHz Aviation Distress Yes
121.600 MHz Civil Air Patrol (Authorized use only) Yes
121.700 MHz Aviation Ground Control Yes


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